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Anderson Day's Portfolio

Ski Hill A11y

An App for Accessibility Education

Project Overview

Project Description

Ski hill a11y is a web application that has two copies of the site that are easily toggled between. The site starts out inaccessible and allows the user to toggle to the accessible version. I built this as a tool for learning web developers to see examples of what makes a site accessible versus inaccessible. The application contains errors with heading structure, language of the web page, color contrast, image alternative text, form labels on inputs, being able to increase text size, keyboard navigation, semantic lists and updating page titles. This project was also presented at the Accessible Learning Conference 2018, "An Introduction to Web Accessibility."

Technologies Used:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node and Express
  • WCAG 2.0

Project Role

I designed and developed this application with input from Michigan State University faculty aligning course goals with accessibility knowledge in the Experince Architecture's program Introduction to Web Authoring and Advanced Web Authoring

Live Project Links


During the summer of 2018 I went on a study away to California put on by Teach Access to learn about accessibility in the tech industry. During my week visiting Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe and Verizon Media. My group a fellow student from Michigan state and two students looked for gaps in our course work where we could implement Accessibility into the learning.


With the goal of educating designers for the web, Ski Hill A11y provides a way for those learning HTML and CSS to see a real example of how small changes in code make a large difference in the overall accessibility of the site.


A web application for those learning basic web development and accessibility to see differences in accessible and not accessible HTML and CSS.