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Anderson Day's Portfolio

VIM Fashion Magazine

Dynamic Redesign Backed By Data


Vim is a fashion magazine produced by a talented group of Michigan State University Students. In today's day tech age, a large part of the publication is their digital presence. They use this site to promote content related to fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment. Incorporating these other outlets into the site was essential. The site also needed to be able to be used by many of the writers.

VIM Fashion Magazine Logo
VIM Fashion Magazine Logo


Before site development, I met with lead stakeholders in VIM. There I gathered what they expected out of the site and how they wanted to site to be branded. Next, I conducted some user research. I create a survey to be sent out to users of the site both people who are involved in VIM and other organic users. I also conducted a card sort to help better categorize the many different content types the existing site had. With the data from the survey and card sort, I was able to provide relevant content to the user, as well as making the findablidy of all content easier. Also, I uncovered that their users were frequently engaging with their content on other digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Showing client example wire frames to landing page of site.
Writing on a wall showing the working of VIM's information architecture.


What I created is an accessible WordPress site. It allows the users to get the content that is most relevant to them while also engaging with the brand's other digital presences. After launching the site, I reevaluated the data and got more feedback from users. Although the users had a better overall impression of the site, some adjustments needed to be made like adding a search feature to specific sections of the site.

Different screens showing the screens for VIM Fashion Magazine website.