Colorado Mission of Mercy

Dental Care for Everyone


Colorado Mission of Mercy is a Charity located in Colorado providing over a $1 Million in dental care to people in Colorado. Their website is an integral part of COMOM because patients sign up for their event through the site. Donators of the charity also use the website to help provide dental access to people who don't usually have access. The old outdated site didn’t give users confidence in the charity they were donating to.

Colorado Mission of Mercy Logo.
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I worked with COMOM to identify what they liked about the old site and what they expected out of the new site. I set up a Wordpress site for COMOM because it the vast amounts of tutorials and ease of user’s to date the information of the site for when I’m done with the project.

dental x-ray.
dental office


I built and accessible WordPress site that is more inviting and updated for all users interests.

Different screens showing the screens for Colorado Mission of Mercy website.